Yosemite, Ca || Sep. 2016

So, mid September I got the chance to go to Yosemite with a couple friends! And yesss, it's taken me until now to post all of these photos.. but hey, at least they made it onto the the blog. 

One of my best friends, Tylar, invited me and our other friend Mj to go with her and her family on this week long trip. It didn't last long enough and we were ready to turn the car around and go back as soon as we left the park! And even more so once we hit the 41.. 

Every day was filled with long walks, hikes, good food, and tons of photos. Wayyy, way too many photos. I could probably wallpaper my whole house with 4x6 prints if I wanted to. But luckily for you, Mom/Nana and whoever else reads this, I narrowed it down a bit. 


Naturally, the first thing on the agenda was to explore. We drove from Wawona to the Valley. Im still not sure how we managed to find our way anywhere with all the detours zig zagging us across the valley. Big circles, signs pointing us in the opposite direction... and I was driving. Its all a blur. 

We found a random parking lot, grabbed our camera bags and started walking!